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Poor people who just invested in an expensive SLT body that will soon be outdated by some superior totally new successor technology

Poor people who just invested in an OVF SLR body that is already outdated.

An OVF DSLR is not outdated, because it does not and will never have anything that is permanently blocking light from the sensor. Sony, a couple of years later, seems finally also have understood that this is not good.

An OVF DSLR without live view or video and with a sensor not as good as the SLT that permanently blocks light is outdated.

I think every DSLR made since 2008 has live view, and every one since 2009 has video - mostly HD video except for a very cheap model or two. So yes, dslr's from 4+ years ago can in some ways be considered outdated.

I bought a Nikon D600 and it arrived with many spots on the sensor so I sent it back. But the live view left much to be desired. I now have a Canon 6D and played with the live view yesterday for the first time. It's very slow.

My Sony NEX 5N seems generations ahead of the live view implementations on both the Canon and Nikon full frame systems (never mind the benefit of touch screen and articulation on the NEX 5N). Sony really gets this right compared to the big bigwigs.

True, the live view on DSLR's isn't as fast-focusing as it is on some (most?) mirrorless cameras. But that's an add-on to the camera. The DSLR is about an optical through the lens viewfinder and the focus performance attained in that mode of use. Would it be nice to have faster live view on a DSLR? Sure, why not? But slow live view is only a minor point with me; I would buy a DSLR even if none of them came with Live View.

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