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I find it puzzling that those who are adamant that ILIS can cause IQ deterioration still seem reluctant to urge Sony to make a return to IBIS in the NEX cameras. This seems the obvious solution 

I am not convinced that Henry's blurred example is due to any floating lens elements . it looks more like rotational movement to me which IBIS in Olympus cameras can address. The figure in red is less blurred than those towards the edges of the image.

If you're not convinced, just put a NEX on a tripod, leave OSS turned on, and start shooting the same image over and over again. Depending on the lens and situation you'll see about 1 out of 20 that will exhibit the same behavior as Henry's.

I only use OSS/IBIS (NEX-5R/A77) when I find myself in situations where shutter speed is below 1/fl, and since I rarely use anything over 35mm coupled with Sony's nature to only send shutter speed below 1/60 as a last resort when you shoot in aperture priority with auto-ISO means I only really use it at night. Why take the chance is my mantra. While there is no doubt OSS/IBIS works as advertized, Zeiss's reasoning for no OSS is sound, and all you have to do is draw an imaginary straight line from the sensor out through the lens to understand. With OSS the straight line veers at the floating element and is no longer straight, and with IBIS the line stays straight through the lens to the sensor but hits the sensor in a slightly different place. (I know that is very simplistic and there is a lot more going on from a light/physics perspective, but it conveys the point)

I'm not sure that I understand your point ? I am not advocating using IS when the camera is tripod mounted. I have switched off when the camera is tripod mounted.

I have used IBIS for many years without any problems but have lost shots when I have accidentally left it switched off.....

If you rarely use IS then perhaps you are not the best person to comment on its use ?

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