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Re: Camera-->sRGB versus Camera-->ProPhoto-->sRGB

Ok, here is a quartet of processing.

Upper left: ProPhoto RGB in ACR to acceptable rendering —> to ProPhoto RGB in CS6, adjustments (curves, selective saturations) made while soft proofing in sRGB with OOG indicator on to remove as much (90%) of OOG as possible (i.e., before it became absurd) —> sRGB.

Upper right: ProPhoto RGB in ACR to acceptable rendering —> make adjustments in ProPhoto RGB to predict conversion to sRGB (i.e., make adjustments, convert to sRGB, check histogram, if ok, fine, if not ok, go back make more adjustments, convert, check histogram, etc., until the conversion is good) —> sRGB.

Lower left: ProPhoto RGB in ACR to acceptable rendering —> sRGB in CS6, make adjustments with selective saturation and curves to produce decent histogram —> stay sRGB.

Lower right: sRGB in ACR to acceptable rendering —> some adjustments to brightness, contrast in CS6 —> stay sRGB

I should note that the initial raw file here is about 1EV underexposed according to RawDigger.  The ACR histogram shows a modest gap at the right when using ProPhoto RGB, and it is stacked hard against the right-hand edge when using sRGB.

I should also note that the bottom two look a great deal more like the original (viewed in ProPhoto RGB in ACR on a wide-gamut monitor).  They are no where nearly as bright and vibrant as the original, but, as I say, much more like the original than either of the top two.

As to a choice between the bottom two, each has its value (but there is no question about which is the easier to produce).

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