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Re: I like it -- IMO, it's an excellent design

Thanks for your opinion, Jim.

Looks like my appearance skin, StrataM, does not support the download button. Instead of being a simple down arrow, it is a huge rectangular area with rounded corners. Guess it is time to delve into theme customization! I do not like the boring gray icons in the Default theme.

Jim Cockfield wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

Does anybody who accepted the new Download interface like it?

Seems OK to me (on computers I have not customized) but I do not like the Download thing-a-ma-jiggy on the toolbar.

I like the new design.

The download arrow on the address toolbar changes color so you know if any downloads are in progress.

Clicking on the Download arrow also lets you see the progress of any downloads, without blocking as much of your view of the web page you're on.

But, if you prefer a Full Downloads list, after you click the button to see the Progress of current downloads, you can just click on "Show all Downloads" link at the bottom of that progress screen to see the full list.

You can also get to the Full Downloads list by using Tools>Downloads.

I also like it that you can click the new Downloads Button in the address bar once to see progress, and click it again and it goes away.

IMO, it's a great design, and after getting used to, I prefer it over the old way.

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