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Re: Comments section of X20 review - X20 out-resolves everything

Trevor G wrote:

DS21 wrote:

In a wider photographic community Silkypix will never become a mainstream player, or even anything more then anecdotal in numbers, so its eventual excellence with X20 files is a moot point for most advanced users. They will NOT develop a second workflow just because of X20, or switch their "serious" APS-C, 4/3 or FF cameras they certainly have (as most likely buyers of enthusiast X20) to Silkypix.

Then they will lose, won't they?

I changed to Silkypix for all my cameras.

Based on the the SilkyPix Raw conversions you have provided today from various small sensor compacts, ACR/LR does a much better job converting these RAW files.  Just compare your SilkyPix RAW conversions from any of the Bayer small sensors to the RAW output in the DPR studio that comes from ACR.  The DPR studio results shows a lot more detail from these sensors.

It looks like SilkyPix was been customized for Fuji sensors where as ACR has been fine tuned for the Bayer sensor.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of cameras still use a Bayer sensor so switching to SilkyPix for all our own cameras is not a good proposition.  And switching between software doesn't help with workflow.  Some people might be able to compromise but others will stick with the majority of cameras that have a similar work flow.

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