About OSS degrading image quality

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Re: About OSS degrading image quality

Another factor might be that in a non-OIS lens, all the elements can be locked tightly into alignment with simple retaining rings. In an OIS lens, some are held by little springs, magnets, motors, or whatever. I suspect that that tricky assemblage is more susceptible to damage during heavy use, so that even if everything was assembled within tolerances, it's less likely to stay that way.

I remember when it was said that Zeiss didn't want AF in their Contax (Kyocera) 35mm SLR lenses, because AF mounts have too much slop in them for optimal optical performance. Kyocera even introduced a body with a bizarre AF system which moved the film instead of the lens. I always wondered if the real reason was that redesigning all the lenses for AF would cost too much. Eventually, Zeiss gave in and designed AF lenses for the Contax 645, Sony A-mount, etc.

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