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Limburger wrote:

But Canon seems to keep everything in house, not a bad tactic imo.

As long you make it work of course.

Just to toss my 2 cents in.  I think there are some advantagtes to as close to a vertical monopoly as they can.  But like you said only if they make it work and only if doing so gives you a economic/competitive advantage.

There is no arugueing with most of Canon's efforts.  Lens selection is superb.  New lenses are introduced at a reasonable interval.  New technology is included (multi-axis stabilization for example). But recently they had the chance to really stick to their arch rival.  Nikon's assembly plants were badly damaged in that massive flood.  Canon's were not.  Canon picked up only a trivial amount of market share because many were willing to wait months for Nikon products.  There were shortages across the entire product line.  Not just the entry level stuff.  Marketshare barely changed.  I think that Canon is keeping the sensors in-house so that they can inovate more as well as their goal of reducing costs and earning on every price of the camea.  An example would be what they tried with the 650d where they added some phase-dection to the sensor.  But did it really work?  Not so much.  As far as I can tell it still sucks as bad as comparible Nikons for video AF.  So the next gen in sensor performance was deferred without benifit.

If I were the King of Canon, I'd look at leveraging what they do well but not to the degree where it excludes the possiblities of other possibilities.  For the moment they look like they have fallen far behind in sensor tech.  Including tech from other sources would not mean that Canon could not continue to inovate inhouse.  Nikon, for example, uses sensors and sensor technology from at least 4 other companies plus they still develop and fab their own, design new ones which they have others fab, and collaborate on some.  I'm not saying Nikon is better.  I am saying they seem to be willing to use the best technology avialable without consideration to where it came from and it seems that being able to source some of it does not stop them from their own independent efforts.

It's hard to critize Canon since they are the market leader.  But I think they should consider their options before their marketshare begins to erode.   And of course both Canon and Nikon best get off their butts and give us working video AF!

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