How to properly compare RX-100 and NEX-6 kit high ISO noise?

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Re: How to properly compare RX-100 and NEX-6 kit high ISO noise?

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At 50mm (NEX-6) you get a F5.6, the RX100 gives a F4, so 1 stop difference. There is a 1 stop difference in noise, in favour for the NEX-6. If you look at these crops (imaging-resource), ISO800 for the RX100 and ISO1600 for the NEX-6, there is almost no difference, not in detail and not in noise.

Agree - no difference, because it is same picture (from NEX-6) copied twice

But anyway thank you very much for your research, it proves my initial assumption.

It also means that friend of mine who just have bought NEX-3N would be happier with RX-100

Vlad, under same lighting, both cameras would expose the same way.

If so, the Nex picture 'feels' more impressive, due to the shallower DOF, even with the kit lens.

I agree, but I wanted to compare only noise levels.

In your comparison, you also assume that the aperture (wide open) and shutter speed are 'maxed' out (at 1/60th), and that the camera will have to then increase ISO to match exposures.

Sensor sensitivity roughly relates by area, the APS-C is about 2.5x the size of the 1" RX-100 sensor, or the sensor sensitivity compares by root(3)=1.6x. That is about a stop-and-a-half.

This translates in ISO 800 on the RX-100 being roughly equal to ISO 2400 on the Nex.

True, but at the same time smaller sensor allows stop-and-a-half faster lens and in the end we have same amount of noise like with APS-C sensor and APS-C lens

And you noticed that the aperture drops off faster at tele-zoom for the Nex than for the RX-100, so there is slight aperture advantage for the RX-100 - but this is much less than a full stop, so not a big contributor.

Then, on non-moving objects, you can add in the OSS/OIS controls on both cameras and how they compare, and also add in the prime lenses on the Nex that have a 2-stop advantage over the zoom lenses at certain focal lengths.

What I am trying to say is that a Nex-3N with kit lens still has advantages over the RX-100, except for size and reach. The RX-100 is quite a bit smaller and definitely a very desirable 'pocket-camera'.

What I am trying to say is that low light capabilities of tiny sensor cameras like RX-100 is not worse than ANY!!! APS-C camera with typical kit zoom lens (18-50mm F3.5-5.6) and this is completely opposite to the general opinion in the net.

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