How was this lit?

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Barrie Davis wrote:

drh681 wrote:

Clueless Wanderer wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

... so it makes a lot of sense to conclude that that was exactly how it was done.

Puzzle: Why does everybody look for a conspiracy?

..Wow, thats a sweeping statement. If you didn't take it how can you make such a bold claim?


.... like anyone elese who's spent every day for 50 years evaluating lighting set-ups in a studio...

... I can do it just by looking at a photograph. That's how....

.... especially when there is nothing in the least complicated about the example in question.

I said the same thing right after this thread was started:

The OP asks how the image was lit, and when he receives the simple truth, he (and a few others) snub their collective nose at those providing the correct answer and insist that it just CAN'T be that simple.  Someone mentioned "arrogance" THAT is arrogance!

Why ask a question if you have no intention of accepting the correct answer?  Easy...arrogance and lack of humility.

After all, the OP obviously was under the mistaken assumption that the image was the result of magical lighting and masterful PP.  So, when it was revealed that the image was lit by nothing more than a single flash held close to the lens axis...why, THAT just can't be!!!

Reminds me of Dorothy's reaction to the good witch in The Wizard of Oz when she was told that to go home to Kansas, all she had to do was click her heels together three times while repeating 'I want to go home'.  Nothing could be THAT simple, right?

Yes, Dorothy, it is.

Everybody doesn't look for a conspiracy. The image gives me a feeling of 'Something not quite right' and I believe it to be the shadow's.

I think it's your punctuation skills.

Yes. I agree's

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