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Re: Comments section of X20 review - X20 out-resolves everything

Just echoing what DS21 said so well:

Hurray for you and Silkypix, but back here in the real world we have thousands of photos and years of experience invested in an established workflow, which more often than not uses ACR as the RAW converter.  A comparison using Silkypix might be informative at an academic level, but has zero real world application to many, if not most of us.

So, thanks for doing these comparisons (they really are interesting), but please don't act like those comparing the ACR output are somehow unfarily shortchanging the x20 sensor.  We're comparing using the tools that we'll be using to process the RAW files, which is the most practical way to make the comparison.

Back to he debate at hand, using Lightroom 4.4 (and all sorts of sharpening/NR combos), I just can't convince myself that the x20 output is better than the lx7, at any ISO.  Which is honestly a bummer for me, as I'm completely infatuated with the x20, but can't justify spending $300 more on something that probably has lesser image quality once you factor in the stop faster lens of the lx7 (on the wide end).

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