Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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Re: Awareness

At the 25 wedding events yearly, that I cover as photographer, iphone and android camera phones are number one with the 200 to 300 guests there, next small compact cameras and then followed by Canon Rebels (most popular DSLR) and then lower priced Nikons with the odd Nikon D7000 or D300 or Canon 60D or 7D. Infrequently I also see FF but not often with guests.

In Canada - Toronto area, Futureshop and BestBuy have Olympus and Panasonic featured on tables next to the compacts and latest consumer DSLRs. Usually do not see a OMD though there, except at semi pro or pro camera stores like Henrys or Vistek here. Most of the Black's Photography stores carry all 3, m43 and DSLR and compacts. Of the last 3 stores mentioned, m43 or mirrorless is featured in their monthly newsletters so advertising is there in Canada and awareness is growing.

Perhaps sales commission factor in as sales clerk tried to steer me away from a not in stock item EPL5 at Futureshop. Good seller to enthusiasts, so probably why not there at time to be restocked (or maybe commission/margin is not high enough to store?). Other models were there.

I still think the general consumer thinks an entry DSLR equates to pro quality and do not understand yet, the size and weight advantage and DSLR-like image quality of m43 until they actually try one or own one or see images from some friend recommending one. So it comes down to awareness or sometimes pricing is a factor.

Compared to sales shown in Japan estimated at 40 percent for mirrorless, they certainly know in Japan the advantage or light weight system with quality images.

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