Isn't it amazing......

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Reilly Diefenbach
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Re: Isn't it amazing......

FujicaST605 wrote:

Isn't it amazing how with every new generation of camera body, there is a very vocal group with the previous camera who go about the Internet Fora proclaiming why the new camera is a minor unnecessary upgrade.

It's actually pretty mild compared to the last go round with the D90 to D7000 transition.  Almost no one has done the 150 post can't focus my 351.8 at two feet on the battery on the far left side thing.  Refreshing, and pretty good evidence that even those who refuse to practice or figure out the correct settings can get good results straight out of the box.  In any event, there's no better focusing available, even if the camera wasn't 25% sharper.

Which it is.

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