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Re: My idea of hybrid PDAF + CDAF + OFV + LV

Jokica wrote:

I am coming from NEX forum, I would very much like to hear your opinion.

Since the concept of new camera is mystery, this is my idea of hybrid PDAF + CDAF + OFV + LV

EVF is a major reason why Live View is practical in SLTs without giving up AF performance. Whereas, in OVF based systems (DSLRs), Live View is more of a nuisance and literally forces use of view finder even when it might not be convenient.

Also, while an OVF with no blackout and electronic overlay (to mimic EVF) might be ideal, we should also consider the fact that practically every refraction and reflection of light results in some loss of light. This is also why even the 35mm DSLRs of the past lacked the brightness through the OVF of the Rangefinder cameras, much less the popular APS-C (and smaller sensors) in digital DSLRs today.

The only thread mirrors are hanging onto is for fast AF systems. If AF performance can be achieved without using a mirror, there is absolutely no reason to use one. EVF has also been evolving, and unlike OVFs which have been in use for decades leading to practically no improvement (except trying to match EVF for information overlay), EVF technology is a growth area, and will be for several years.

As far as a mirror-less fast AF performance with APS-C and FF sensors is concerned, it could be PDAF, or something ground-breaking, a whole new system. The only surprise, if this rumor comes to fruition, is the quickness of development. As a result, I still think we’re a few years behind and many will be blaming Sony for “promising” something dramatically new in 2014.

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