LX7 awful edge resolution due to distortion correction

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Re: LX7 awful edge resolution due to distortion correction

Luc de Schepper wrote:

I for one am a true 24mm addict. It's a big difference in field of view between 24mm and 28mm. My LX3 images in 16:9 at 24mm are my favorites.

I am also a wide lens addict, initially disappointed to find Panasonic was not marketing the LX7 with an 18mm accessory lens, like the earlier  LX3 and LX5.

Then kind pioneers posted that an LX7 bezel hid a bayonet mount, and that the Chinese Kiwifoto manufactured a suitable OEM attachment to add the LX5's 18 mm accessory lens. So when several vendors offered the LX7 at under $300, my resistance crumbled.

But as Panasonic did not introduce an 18 mm accessory lens for the LX7 - as it did for the LX3 and LX5 - it also did not provide it with inbuilt firmware to ameliorate the extra distortions such a lens produces, nor provide the accompanying copy of SilkyPix with automatic compensation for raw files shot with an 18mm lens. But I am quite willing to spend some time to PP my raw files, as it appears that those who exclusively shoot raw prefer to do.

Less than a decade ago it was rare to find a p&s or bridge camera with a 24mm wide lens. Now there are many. But even now you cannot find a DSLR with an 18mm wide, F1.4 fast lens - certainly not at the same price. This capability is only partly the result of better optics, and partly the result of faster in-camera processors and firmware to automatically assist in the production of straightened images. As processors increase in speed and capability these advantages will no doubt migrate to DSLRs.


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