LX7 awful edge resolution due to distortion correction

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Re: LX7 awful edge resolution due to distortion correction

Luc de Schepper wrote:

Kevin Coppalotti wrote:

that would explain why many manufacturers stop at 28mm, - go wider and its pushing the envelope. Plus with sweep pano and/or stitching, is 24mm really so necessary anymore??

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It is pushing the envelope indeed. That's why it's a pity Panasonic opted for changing the optimalized focal length 24-60mm of the LX3 and went for 24-90mm in later models. That was pushing the envelope too far it seems.

I for one am a true 24mm addict. It's a big difference in field of view between 24mm and 28mm. My LX3 images in 16:9 at 24mm are my favorites.

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