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Re: Fuji X20 review posted and it out-resolves everything

AdamT wrote:

Trevor, the RX100 utterly destroys the X20 at all ISOs, it`s not even in the same universe, not only is the RX 100 a lot sharper at pixel level but there`s 20Mp, not 12Mp .. even the comparison in the X20 review shows it clearly and real live samples even more so, the difference in DR is even more magnified ..

Adam, here is the image again.  You seem to have trouble viewing on your phone, so maybe if you could try a computer screen - even a 10" tablet should be good enough. 

Best viewed at 100% by clicking Original size.

You have forgotten one very important thing - the reviewer mentions that the ACR output, (which they use just for the fun of it) leaves the X20 images somewhat soft.  That is why I compare using Silkypix for each image as a fair comparison.  Silkypix doesn't have any trouble correctly resolving detail with X-Trans, whereas ACR still does.

Don't mind me, though, facts (such as the Silkypix output shown here) should never get in the way of your pet theories, no matter how specious and fallacious they are.

Fact No 2 -

I didn't shoot these images, I downloaded them from the DPR site and opened them in Silkypix 5.  Absolutely no processing of any sort, except on the poor G11 one - WB was way out.  You could do the same thing for yourself - DSP5 is available as a fully working demo for 30 days.

Fact No 3 - X20 output is noisy.  Very noisy.

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