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Re: Fuji X20 review posted - X20 out-resolves everything

AdamT wrote:

JPGs are smear city and RAW in ACR Doesn`t looks very soft at low ISOs compared to the G15 and The Oly XZ2 - the 10Mp CCD cams like the G11 and the incredibly sharp Samsung EX1 will eat this thing for breakfast for resolution in current RAW converters .......

Adam, I'm sorry, but you are wrong.

Here is the X20 against the XZ2, both via Silkypix 5 at default settings:

X20 on the left, XZ2 on the right.  Check the feather detail...

Or this one, with the G11:

Shall I go on?

Maybe they should have fixed the X10 after all and kept EXR because X-Trans doesn`t seem to work in sensors smaller than APS-C

You must be kidding.  Don't you even look at test images or read reviews?

Yep, some people actually prefer the mushy look of the X10.  I'll have detail any day.

Each image is processed the same in Silkypix 5, with default settings for everything.

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