I wasn't able to say no to NX300 :)

Started Apr 29, 2013 | Discussions thread
jennyrae Senior Member • Posts: 2,690
Re: I wasn't able to say no to NX300 :)

I shoot 8 pictures very quick. also buffer quick to finish with new Sandisk UHS card but see no practicality unless shoot 30-50 pictures in 5 seconds. I think low class card enough. practical to buy cheap SDXC 64gb class 10 card than super fast UHS card. space is more important for NX300. file size for srw is 30mb maximum. also needed 2 additional batteries. nx300 eat lots power. but very great professional system. find resolution and color of NX200 not even close. also camera very excellent for lowlight use unlike previous NX cameras. shoot pictures above 800 iso and in lowlight, bring NX300, even higher iso jpegs really good.

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