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Thanks AIF.

Yes, when I say full zoom, I refer to going all the way using the full digital zoom over and above the tele zoom offered by the P&S Pentax or Nikon. Or in other words, the camera is unable to zoom into the subject / object any more.

Unless one takes the same sort of shots with both cameras, it's unlikely for one to have a grasp of the difference in image quality, but I like what you say about DSLR's having a bigger sensor and thus giving better image quality. The other thing is it's not always possible to get a perfectly positioned subject. For example, last year, we were at a particular place in Kruger National and came across a Tawny Eagle eating its prey. It was early morning and the sun was on the wrong side so the captured image is more a silhouette than anything else. I know that cameras can't exactly perform the miracle of placing the sun on the opposite end of the sky in this instance but it's likely I would have been able to manipulate certain aspects to change the shot with greater ease if I had a) had some form of manual over-ride and a lot more versatility than the P&S.

Subsequently, I have discovered how to change to more manual settings but unless you know exactly how to do it on the Optio, it's not easy. Changing to Manual focus on a DSLR is easier (as I have experienced) and I think its easier and faster to change the zoom. One of the drawbacks I've found with the Optio is that when the camera switches off and I switch it back on, it goes back to auto settings again. Often, one does not have time to change these and I have noticed that a DSLR is easier to set up on manual and keep it there. At the very least, the zoom is mostly manual and a lot faster to zoom in and out.

The P&S cameras are also very power hungry and chew batteries at an alarming rate. (Around 200 shots.)

Another thing I like about a DSLR is the view finder. Regardless of where the sun is, I can always find my target and zoom in on it faster (unless subject is directly into the sun in which case neither camera is going to be any good to me.) With the Point and Shoot, and the sun directly behind me, I cannot see the image on the screen. I find it easier to find the target through the view finder and then one is looking at the target instead of trying to find the target by looking at the camera. At full zoom this is a major problem I have with the P&S.

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