New (and better?) Bare Bulb Alternative to Q Flash and Elinchrom Ranger. What do you think?

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Re: Interesting features

plevyadophy wrote:

If you read the very long and detailed review posted in the OP, along with a follow up that was published yesterday I think, then you will see quite a few good features of the Godox other than price.

I would definitely be interested in your take on those features.

The flashes are fundamentally missing the versatility you want - as you posted earlier. If you just want Manual flashes, thats fine, thats all they do. If you might want any more by way of Auto settings, they don't do any of that.

The HSS function might be useful on occasions, but the vagaries of what will work, which triggers might/not work and the requirement to use 2 sets of triggers to fire and control in HSS mode as well as needing to manually set HSS on the flash by a button combination seems illogical and rather cobbled together. The CL-TX only has a hotshoe connector and no sync-in, so you might need to sort out some hotshoe extension cable to use both together or if you wanted to use a TTL flash on your camera hotshoe.

The Manual remote control of up to 16 units you might find useful, if you can remember which unit is set to which channel when you want to change the output level, but anything requiring that amount of remotes tends to be easier to control by walking to the lights and just changing them in the same way that studio lighting is easier to change with this amount of units.

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Theres only one sun. Why do I need more than one light to get a natural result?

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