Canon 5D mark III in street photography

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Re: Canon 5D mark III in street photography

Brad Evans wrote:


5DII has a great center AF, but as for the outer points, it is nothing compared to the 5DIII.

murksch wrote:

I am using my Canon 5D mark II often in street photography. Because of the not so good AF-system, more than some photos are not sharp on the subject, the house behind them is. None of the AF points covered the subject walking on the street. I am thinking about buying the mark III because the AF-system is far more sophisticated. But searching the web I couldn't find any article describing the performance of the new AF-system in street photography, especially in hip-shots. Did anyone use the mark III in street photography and if so, is the AF-system performing really better than the AF-system of the mark II for this kind of photography?

With respect to outer AF points the 5DIII is better for some types of photography having more.  But in the context of shooting street photography, that makes no difference.

When shooting on the street in dynamic situations, I have no time for selecting the right AF point. I simply use the center point, shift and shoot - all in a fraction of a second.

As I said earlier, great street photography does not come from using great gear.

This was the biggest draw to me getting a 6D . . . the excellent low light center focus point. When I shoot street photography, I rarely shoot a series on 1 person. It's almost always me walking around and trying to see the interesting person or scene on the spot (dynamic situations, as you note), so I always rely on center focus point. I pretty much did the same thing with my little mirrorless camera, but just missed shots here and there when it failed to gain focus in lower light. I no longer have that problem.

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