Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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Re: mainly an issue of marketing.

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I don't know or care how well or badly Canon are doing compared to m43, but I gave up after 3(!) m43 cameras, because of the poor dynamic range. The sensors just aren't big enough.

I have never owned one but that is good information and that could be yet another reason.

I use Canon APS-C and FF DSLRs, but I also use an m4/3 Olympus.  For work, I shoot with my Canon DSLRs, but for my own casual shooting the smaller size of the Oly m4/3 is so much better.

It is the reason most people get m4/3rds. But I think you are a minority. I too, use my DSLRs for sports and have made money doing that, but I paid for every camera and every piece of glass. Instead of m43 I purchased a point and shoot and also take my camera. Neither has good quality or even the option of having narrow DOF but are "good enough" for most personal images but are limited, but the new cameras coming out do. Pan Lx7 with a F1.4 to 2.6 and reasonable shooting to ISO 1600 for $300. For me after spending that money for DSLR, I don't want to spend another $1k for yet another format with more lenses. I would rather have good P/S with nothing else to carry around.

So you and I are in a minority. I think that the majority have a m43 mirrorless as their primary camera. So the masses choose between DSLR and m43, and only a minority have both (I think there are some gear guys that have both here or people like you who have a specific reason for having both.

I can put an m4/3 body and a couple m4/3 lenses in a small bag, and it's still almost like there's nothing there!  It takes up so much less space than regular DSLR gear.  Sure, the sensor is smaller, and the DR is a little less, but that has never kept me from getting the images I want.  In fact, it's probably allowed me to get more images I want because I'm more likely to bring my compact m4/3 camera with me in situations where I would have just left my DSLR gear at home.

When you don't have an m43 like me and you need to get the shot otherwise camera phone or P&S, you bring the DSLR, but it is a good use for your situation.

As for how m4/3 is doing in the marketplace, it's primarily a matter of marketing.  The reality is that sensor size and DR aren't really that big a deal to most people-- unless you're an anal pixel peeper who regularly prints very large.  In most cases, it's really hard for other people to tell which of my images were shot with my Canon DSLRs or my Oly m4/3.

Maybe if you could only choose ONE format of camera, and you need the BEST of image quality, you may not choose m4/3.

Which would be me.

However, for people who don't limit themselves to only one camera or one format, I think having a compact mirrorless system like m4/3 is awesome!

I have to limit my budget, I want a FF DSLR and have 2 more lenses I would like to get. So for me, again, I am the minority, another format is out. I have a P&S and even though I would like a better one like an Panny LX7 there are to many other DSLR things I need. And I have hobbies that constantly require money so I probably don't have as much disposable income as you do.

Having said that, there are more and more photojournalists and travel photographers who are shooting exclusively with m4/3 these days.  The quality is definitely there.  The rest is still up to the eye and skill of the photographer.  Never forget that.  Just take a look at the work of award-winning photographer Amos Chapple who shoots exclusively with m4/3:




My customized, tiny m4/3:


Making your personal camera by making personal is something that few camera companies do and maybe another niche market place. I dont' think making a pink or orange camera may go over but interchange skins may be another way to attract the masses.

I don't think you need to justify your purchase or other pros need to justify theirs. I understand why, lightness and smaller. I was trying to relate this to the masses and why the decline in US sales.

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