Epson R2400 not accepting paper

Started Jan 7, 2010 | Discussions thread
Juliette22 New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Epson R2400 not accepting paper

DavidF wrote:

My trusty Epson R2400 has stopped accepting sheets of paper. Either the sheets are taken in to the printer and then spit back out without printing, or the printer just doesn't take the sheets--I get print feed error messages in both cases (and I think I'm running through ink with each error message). All the sheets were letter-size.

Does anyone have suggestions for how I can get the printer to accept paper?

Best, David.

My Epson does not pull the paper  A3 +  anymore and I get the dreaded 'media out'... I have reloaded the Drivers/ re-started my Mac nothing works ....

Will the trick with the damp cloth work ? and what do you actually do.  ? Regards

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