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Re: Camera-->sRGB versus Camera-->ProPhoto-->sRGB

crames wrote:

Speaking of experts, here is a brief article by Jeff Schewe that shows some of the effects of gamut clipping in sRGB and ProPhoto.

One of the early articles that conviced me to use MelissaD65 as a working color space for years, despite the fact that the visible difference was and remains minimal.  Several years later I have two questions in the context of this sub-thread (i.e. Camera-sRGB vs Camera-ProPhoto-sRGB)

1) Can you see a material difference between the two?
2) Even if you did, which one would be more 'correct'?

If someone can answer these two questions without bait and switching to answering a different question (is ProPhotoRGB bigger than sRGB?)  we may actually take a step further in the discussion.  In the meantime this is the file in the article opened in ACR 6.7 sRGB, CEP3 Tonal Contrast applied at default settings (left); and the same file opened in ACR 6.7 ProPhotoRGB, CEP3 TC at default and converted to sRGB (right).  I had to actually convert the right file to sRGB after applying TC in order for CS5 gamut warning (gray) to show.

Jeff has posted in this thread, so maybe he will comment.

That'd be great.


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