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Works fine, or use FF 17esr (extended support release)

FF 20 works fine for me.   I have it installed in both Linux and Windows.

The download feature also seems fine (arrow on the address bar) for a quick glance a download progress (click it once to see progress, click it again and it goes away).   You can also click on "View all Downloads" when you click on the Downloads button to see the full list (which gives you everything the old list gave you and more).

You can also get to the full list under Tools>Downloads.

Using an updated browser is very important, because security vulnerabilities are addressed in each new release.   So, if you don't use a current version, you're asking for trouble (as criminals will try to develop exploits that take advantage of security holes in browsers when users haven't upgraded them).   You can see some of the Security Bulletins for fixes implemented on this page:

For those of you that don't like the changes in the latest versions, rather that moving back to something like FF 19 (which doesn't protect you against things like the cross site scripting vulnerability fixed in FF 20) , you may want to consider using Firefox 17 ESR instead.

That's the Extended Support Release (ESR) of Firefox, which means it gets Security Updates, without the new features.

You can get the latest ESR release here (currently Firefox 17.05esr, which includes the latest security fixes implemented in FF 20.x) here:

More about how Mozilla works the ESR lifecycle here (FF 17 should be supported with fixes for high and critical security vulnerabilities until December (after a new ESR release based on FF 24 comes out):

For those of you that use Thunderbird for e-mail, you can get an ESR release of it here:

Note that both Firefox and Thunderbird share some of the same code base for things like rendering content.  So, it's important to make sure you have an updated version of Thunderbird for security reasons, too (and the ESR releases give you security updates without the new features of later versions).

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