OMD EM5: "Super (invisible) Control Panel"

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Re: C'mon gals, keep cool, here's the answer : 2 clicks in OK !

Julius B Thyssen wrote:

mchnz wrote:

Why not just download the manual and start reading (google OM-D manual)?

Also read the following article:

After a few passes through the manual, if things make sense, then you'll feel more confident; if not, you won't have spent any money. This might also give you a feel for whether you really want to invest the time/money in switching.

Remember that you don't need to master everything. For example, I just use the OVF, mostly in Aperture Priority. Beyond the control wheels, I mostly adjust settings via the Super Control Panel or default buttons, and often temporarily decrease the focus-box size via Fn2. Beyond that I sometimes delve into the menus, but not that much.

Some report that it's really easy to accidentally change settings, I haven't found this to be the case. I suspect this might be something to do with hand-size, carrying or handling habits - possibly also contributed to by control options selected by the user. For example, I default to the OVF and the EVF is off unless I enable it, so it's unlikely I'll be affected by accidental pressing anything on the touch-screen.

So basically, all you are saying is: Don't use a lot of things, that way nothing can go wrong.

Geez, why didn't Olympus think of that!?

I'm not saying "Don't use a lot of things" - I routinely use about 10 settings on the super control panel, plus the right button for ISO, the info button to cycle from levels to blinkies, the FN2 for focus square size, the FN1 for aperture preview, and the wheels for exposure compensation and aperture, the movie button and the mode dial.  I think that's more towards a lot of things than not. The super control panel is ... super; and the buttons and dials are (mostly) to my liking as well.

I don't often need anything in the menus.  It would be nice if bracketing was on the super control panel rather than just in the menus - but I bracket manually anyway.

I suppose what I was trying to say, was to read the manual.  Use it to set the camera up to suit you. The menus are a great help in getting to that point, but after that they're not needed that much. Having done as much as you can with the setup, your only further course is to adapt -  possibly changing some usage and handling habits to suit.

And while I'm at it - I meant to say "I default to the EVF and the rear-display is off unless I enable it, so it's unlikely I'll be affected by accidental pressing anything on the touch-screen."

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