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Lets put this thing into perspective. The Kruger National Park (which is a large nature reserve in South Africa) is probably bigger than Holland and Israel combined. (In the past 18 months, we have been to Kruger 5 times)

So being large, there are times when some shots will be of smaller mammals and birds sometimes taken at fair distance. The camera I currently use (Pentax Optio) has a 3 times Optical Zoom which is more often than not, too "short" to take the shots. And then at full zoom, the images are blurred more than 90% of the time due to camera movement. A tripod is a bit difficult to handle in a motor car so a longer lens will not have to zoom quite so much and the image should be a bit less blurred. (That's my understanding of it anyway.)

It will be some time before I can get a 500mm lens anyway but that's the long term plan. To be honest, I dont even know if a 300mm will lens will be long enough but it has to be better than the 125 I used last year. It is all but impossible to identify the bird I shot with the 125mm

To stabilise the camera, I use bean bags on the windows which is not ideal because sometimes the passengers move and the vehicle moves which blurs the shot.

Seriously, a 500mm lens in Kruger is considered small.


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