Grim future for the camera makers?

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Re: Grim future for the camera makers?

Retired from Qualcomm 3 years ago... the company that designs the chips that go in smartphones. I can tell you -- for an absolute fact -- that if Samsung or LG or Apple came to us with a request for a fully-featured smartphone camera... the chip support... it would be done, and done fast. The software-engineering side moves very, very rapidly. I doubt that camera makers like Nikon and Canon have any comprehension -- of how fast the chip-based 'submarine technology' is coming up at them, like a hungry shark at a fat and lazy swimmer.

So much, of course, is software. And, basically trivial to make a 'digital darkroom app' to let out the user's creative side on whatever passes for RAW on a smartphone. Probably apps out there already; I haven't kept up. Beyond that, wouldn't be hard to build in a radio-wireless trigger for external flash... and, watch out, suddenly you've got a VERY portable 'pro' product. Wedding candids, anyone?

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