how to get back all the photos from my folder was converted now to file type

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how to get back all the photos from my folder was converted now to file type

Before i have 4 folders in my memory card NAME: Images , Video clips , songs , movies
then i try to transfer all the photos from my memory card to my computer
now i connect my memory card to the storage device of my computer using my card reader
to copy all the pictures in my memory card and transfer all the photos to my computer
but i make some mistakes i restart my computer and i forgot to click "SAFELY REMOVE HARDWARE"

after restarting my computer some message like this show in my monitor:

Checking file system on E: The type of the file system is FAT.
One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency. You may cancel the disk check, but it is strongly recommended that you continue.
Windows will now check the disk. Volume Serial Number is 0A34-16CA
Unrecoverable error in folder \Documents\divers. Convert folder to file (Y/N)? Yes Convert lost chains to files (Y/N)? Yes 705036288 bytes in 43 recovered files. Windows has made corrections to the file system.

when i see that message show in my screen i do not click anything in my keyboard
i mean i do not click Y OR N but after that error message show in my screen my computer
automatic go to my desktop i dont know why first i do not click anything.

Now i go to my computer to check all the files in my memory card
then i see my Images and Videos FOLDER changed to a FILE type
and i try to open my 2 FOLDER changed to FILE type to check all my photos and videos
inside in that folder if still there but i cannot open the file
when i click open this message show in my screen:

(Open With: Choose the program you want to open this file)

i try to choose some program in the list to open that FILE but the file still not open.

i see this BOOTEX.LOG in my memory card but before i don't have that BOOTEX.LOG in my memory card
and another one i save all my pictures in my Images folder i think i have 400 pictures in that folder and 20 videos
in my Video clips folder but after that 2 folders changed now to a FILE type my images file have only 64.0 KB
and my video clips have only 32.0 KB size??

Anyway here some good news for me some folders in my memory card like my SONGS and MOVIES folders still there and working fine i have problem only in my 2 folder NAME: Images and Video clips because that 2 folders changed to FILE type

My question now how to solve this problem any suggestion tips , tutorials or what program i need to use to fixed this problem?

all the pictures and videos i save in my Images and Video clips folder in my memory card
is very important to me. i hope you can help me to get and back all the photos and videos i have in my 2 folders changed to file type.

and last if anyone here have the same problem like this before and know how to solve this problem
please help me to save all my pictures thanks

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