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Re: When was the last useful FF update?

CAcreeks wrote:

coudet wrote:

Reverting back to Firefox 18 did the trick for me. And as a bonus, I get some of my key extensions back, that new Firefox version effectively broke.

Come to think of it, I cannot remember the last Firefox version that was a big improvement in any way.

They claim to have made performance improvements, but it seems like Firefox hangs when downloading more than ever before.

Guess I should search for my own posts with something positive to say... Aha, found it. Firefox 4:

I like Firefox 4

Yeah, I used to run FF 4 for a long time, and then updated to some much, much newer version. I don't remember seeing any significant improvement.

FF 20 introduced some changes, none for the good. It broke several of my extensions (and extensions are the only reason I use FF), it messed up the downloads and private browsing mode. I fought with it for several days, trying to work around the issues. I gave up, reverted back to FF 18 and now everything works as it should.

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