Grim future for the camera makers?

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Re: Grim future for the camera makers?

Really all this was inevitable.  For those who only need to snap smart phones are a good option.  They fill the slot that the Kodak Instamatic filled in film days.  A (sometimes) fair quality snapshot for the memory alone.   Anyone who wants to make more serious images with real control will always go for more serious kit.  A camera phone is never going to give you good depth of field control for example and it is going to be some time yet until there are decent mass produced sensors for these little disposables.  We have seen in many ways a false market through the introduction of digital cameras that had to even out eventually as most people realized that expensive cameras weren't going to last them as long as they thought.  Unless they were going to get picture serious, $1500 on a camera every two or three years can be only seen as ridiculous.  Now that the excitement of digital has died down we will see things more evenly but by no means will we see mobiles take over completely.  They will be as ubiquitous as Instamatics but like Instamatics will fill completely different niches.  Real photography will always need real cameras.

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For those of you who haven't read it yet, the posts about Apple and Canon from Thom Hogan's website are worth a read:

Still, I wonder if some of the decline of "conventional" camera sales as opposed to smartphones is partly because of world economic conditions, or perhaps with people upgrading less what with the "diminishing returns" we're seeing in digital photography.

I see a tough road ahead for the established players (Canon, Nikon) and perhaps even with the m4/3 companies.  When I was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago I counted roughly 30 smartphones for every DSLR in use by the tourists.  Surely this hasn't escaped the notice of the execs at Canikon has it?

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