About OSS degrading image quality

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Mel Snyder wrote:

THAT makes sense. Why people pay $1000 for a lens with sophisticated coatings designed to see nothing but air, and then put a $25 filter made in a Chinese factory from questionable glass, with questionable coatings, in front of it blows my mind.

Any blow sufficient to break the filter is likely to damage the lens. Filters are to camera sales what "undercoating" and optional "sealer coats" are to car sales. Profit expanders that compromise the product

I would tend to agree with your sentiment, but I talked to someone a few days ago who is absolutely convinced that using filters will save his lenses.  He told me how he banged/dropped the camera and only the filter was damaged, and how he's paranoid about cleaning the front lens/element.  Also, some famous photographer supposedly recommends it.

Personally, I've never ruined a camera or lens by dropping it and having it land exactly lens-down, so this feels like paying extra for "insurance"; it's not cheap to put a "good" coated filter on each lens.  I've seen (online) demonstrations of how flare can be worse wih filters, and decided it's not worth the hassle and expense and the potential loss in IQ, but I'm sure there are the cases where it does save someone's lens from damage.  I also try not to buy expensive lenses, then I don't lose sleep about possibly breaking it..  

I've also read that some people use the hood for added protection, which I think could help in some cases.

forest23 wrote:

Zeiss do not recommend the use of filters either as they will also degrade an image from those expensive lenses

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