A few comparison tests of Sony's new 20mp SLT vs OMD

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Re: A few comparison tests of Sony's new 20mp SLT vs OMD

Smidgen of improvement?
So you say that the possibility to take a photo with a 35mm lens instead of a 25mm is nothing?
The possibility to get much more out of the picture, legacy lenses provide you, not just that crappy, tiny 2.0 central crop on m43 that gives you less sharpness and less DOF?
With aps-c you can even get a FF picture quality and DOF level thanks to the speed booster. With m43 you get stuck in those flat 2.0 crop pictures or you spend a lot of money, buy a speed booster for m43 and get only to the APSc crop level.
Not to mention the worse DR and noise performance...

Yeah, smidgen of improvement my a..

No thank you!

No more m43.


Adventsam wrote:

zxaar wrote:

Adventsam wrote:

I did all the tests against the OMD with 14-150 to give the Sony a chance, shot everything raw, Sony kit lens.

In any event I had bought the SLT for 25p video and I thought amazing DR and 20mp 3:2 ratio, anyway the video iq was pants and the OMD actually matches the Sony 20mp sensor, it might even surpass it but I'd need to get some sharper A mount glass and compare it against better m43 primes to be sure.

Here's a flavour, the SLT has been boxed up and sent back.

Hard to see any difference, OMD possibly sharper

SLT was very soft around the eye, where I focussed.

LR4.4 colour rendering was quite nice by default with the Sony, I still think the OMD should be better than it is by default. Shadow pulling and hl retention are about equal, high iso was a little better on the SLT in fact at iso6400, but again some playing with LR would probably level things.

Interesting comparison though, but the Sony is definitely a cheap camera, feels cheap, plastic lens mount, hollow sounding, and evf is still below OMD.

From what you presented, i would always take sony over omd, because even at 20mp it looks slightly better. Apply some NR and down sample it to OMD's resolution and you have a better performing camera than OMD.

I sort of agree, they are very very close, but the video is a non-event, the lack of stabilised evf and bigger lens makes the whole thing difficult to justify for a smidgen of improvement if at all. In  LR you can see plus's and minus' for both, for £400 it is a bargain though for people wanting evf based camera and aps-c!

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