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Re: Thank you for all the great info!

chironNYC wrote:

Thanks to each of you for the very helpful and focused information. I actually feel that I have a place to start and links to go to for more information and understanding.

I think I am leaning to the colormunki photo since it will let me do both monitors and printers. I am a bit dismayed by how much it costs.

I am willing to bite the bullet on the cost, especially since I now have a more informed direction.

But, just to be sure, in your guys' opinions, is the process of calibration a justifiable expense for an amateur photographer printing mainly for his own eyes and walls and his family's and friends' pleasure? Or would he be better off going back and forth from editing software to the printer and wasting some paper and ink?

Thanks again for the help.


If you are buying a professional quality printer so you can produce and display or sell prints then it is definitely worth spending the extra to buy the Colormonki Photo.

If you are like me, using a cheap 4 color ink jet printer, then no.  I don't expect professional quality prints, just acceptable ones.  I have learned how to adjust my image so that the output of my cheap printer is acceptable.  I do very few prints for display so I'll pay the premium price for professional printing of them rather than buying the pro quality printer, paper, and inks.

As you can see, only you can decide if it is worth the extra expense to buy the professional quality printer and the more expensive Colormonki Photo or not.

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