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I am a hardcore Nikon fan. My advice to you would be to stick with the Nikon. The problem with having two different systems is not only are the lenses not compatible with one another (most of the time), but you also have to worry about getting familiar with the differences between the operation of the two cameras, this is were confussion between the two sets in. I recommend you get the Nikon, learn on that and save your money. Then take that saved money and buy lenses that are compatible with your Nikon. I did some research as well before I bought my Nikon, and let me tell you....I am very happy with my system. I don't regret the purchase at all, and I have had my Nikon for about 5 years now and it still runs like new. I hope this helps.

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Image Junky

Thanks Image Junky. Right now, the Pentax, while older, comes with a 300 mm lens and pretty much the camera the GF (Girl Friend) will be using. I know the lenses are not interchangeable due to different mountings but ideally, she should be able to shoot the closer stuff with the 300 and I can shoot the further stuff with the 500. There are a few times when a 500 is too long and many more times when a 300 is too short.

If Pentax had not stopped making cameras, perhaps I would go with that brand for both of us so lenses can be shared.

But having looked at whats available, I pretty much have limited choices. Canon or Nikon. Somehow the Nikon feels better, the quality of the stock lenses seems to be much better and the image quality, in my limited experience, is far superior. (I know it depends on what one is comparing.) I have looked at Canon bundles and the similar Nikon bundles and Nikon has the edge in my opinion.

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