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Re: what about dynamic range?

CAcreeks wrote:

jeffkeller wrote:


No dynamic range testing. Unless I missed it or editors added it later, just a remark in the conclusion about highlight clipping.

Compared to the Canon G15, the X20 seems not quite as good at base ISO, but shows increasing advantage at higher ISO, especially in Raw conversions.

Seems to me that Fuji needs to work on the JPEG engine above ISO 1600, where is looks somewhat worse than the G15, contrary to the Raw conversions.

My bottom line assessment is that I might as well get M43 - it is about the same price and performs better. Optical viewfinders are useless to me.

I bought an EP-3 instead very good value now, ISO800 Jpeg images are very acceptable. The EP-3 costs me only $345 incl kit lens, retail price when it was released was $999.

More impt. EP-3 has NO MAJOR/SERIOUS quirks.

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