Those pricy viewfinders?

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Re: Pricey, yes, but for me, priceless...

A bit of ancient history from the days of film cameras and non-hot shoes on cameras. One day I was using a new shoe-mounted flash (pc-cord connection) for some indoor shots and discovered that it was a loose fit. Not so loose that it fell out, but enough to be distracting and annoying. I had a piece of sandpaper in the car. I cut a small square, just big enough to fit in the camera shoe. It was just enough to secure the flash and end the jiggling distraction.  Later, for a more-permanent fix, I removed the two screws that held the shoe mount on the camera, crimped the hot shoe tabs with a pair of Vise Grips and put it back on the camera. Problem solved. Those were simpler days.

I've used the sandpaper solution several times over the years, including on cameras with dedicated flash contacts in the shoe, although obviously not when using a dedicated flash. To keep from scratching the contacts I placed the sandpaper so its gritty side faced the nondedicated flash instead of the hot shoe on the camera.

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