SONY NEX-3N vs. NEX-6? Anyone have one or both cameras?

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SONY NEX-3N vs. NEX-6? Anyone have one or both cameras?

A strange comparison, but I was wondering if paying literally 2x more for the NEX-6 would be worth it for me. Just a few questions:

1. Hypothetically, given lenient conditions (good lighting, immobile subject) could you get nearly the same photo from each camera? The sensors are the same size (right?), so I am curious as to how CMOS vs. APS-C translates into visible difference.

2. Is the following list a good summary of the advantages with the NEX-6?

  • built-in viewfinder, VS. none
  • 90 to -45* adjustable higher-res screen, vs. flip-up lower-res screen for 'selfies'
  • larger min/max ISO range, more FPS
  • variable frame rate in video (24, 30, 60)
  • raw, raw + jpg support; vs. jpg-only
  • physical control dial, vs. touchscreen dial
  • APS-C vs. CMOS sensor
  • faster autofocus
  • 'playmemories' camera apps (?)

3. Are these the benefits of the NEX-3N? Any more you can think of?

  • built-in flash, vs. none
  • smaller, lighter
  • literally 1/2 the price of the NEX-6 ($450 vs. $900)

4. Are these the shared commonalities?

  • same 16-50mm PZ kit lens
  • same sensor size (different sensor)

My original budget was $509--but if the 6 is that much better, I might splurge. The main things that concern me about the NEX-3N are:

  • touchscreen dials seem like a slow and inefficient alternative to a physical control dial; I'm used to my DSLR's interface.
  • I abhor unnecessary gimmicks, tricks and filters. I wouldn't mind their existence on the 3N, as long as it would not interfere with manual controls. i.e., if I have to scroll through pages of junky filters or 'auto object framing' just to find ISO control, I will easily get frustrated.
  • Is the CMOS sensor really that much worse than the APS-C? Know any sites with side-by-side comparison pics?

Any NEX-3N owners out there:

A. How are touchscreen controls? Is it fast/efficient? For family vacation photos, I'd just point-and-shoot. Otherwise, I'd probably take the time to edit settings manually.  The place I am travelling to is visually stunning, but I can't be weighed down by my DSLR gear.

B. Are you impressed with the image quality? Mediocre image quality = literally no point in me spending $500. Might as well pick up a decent P&S, like the Lumix LX7 or something.

C. Do you find the lack of viewfinder frustrating? I plan on using some manual lenses with the 3N, but if manually focusing with that screen is impossible, I might as well get the 6.

I guess I'm just wary of the 'entry-level, just point-and-shoot' marketing with the 3N.. I am nothing more than an experienced amateur, but I hate clunky, gimmicky UI's.

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