Can I get some suggestions?

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Re: Can I get some suggestions?

Hello, ConanD...

I shoot with a pair of D7000s, so I don't know if I'm competent to discuss anything but the photos per se.

I find the second and third most interesting. The background distracts in the second one, and almost as much in the third. Hd you used a longer lens in the third one, you might have made the silhouetted images in the background stronger parts of the composition.

When the planes of focus aren't sharply defined, the eye/brain isn't as clearly impacted.

Don't be afraid to look at scenes from different angles. what you've shot doesn't move or squint or lose patience. Inanimate subjects are easy to shoot but hard to exact emotion from the viewer. I like people and cathedral/synagogue/mosque interiors, because I care deeply about them, and bring a point of view.

Mo grandfather can resist posing with his grandson

Unposed - just popped around the corner and had my camera prefocused for the window I was approaching

Look down this street at mid-afternoon. Almost every figure is a woman carrying or leading a child by the hand...

Bosphorus fisherman about to cast his line

Thrilled to pose for me, in exchange for a compliment


How did you hurt your arm?

Saw them half a block away, shot from the hip while looking another direction

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