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Re: Eyes wide shut?

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

Lol I need to read the useless article more carefully look at your title of this thread.

Why did he pick just 5 quarters and not 9, 14 or 19?

Because CIPA didn't start reporting mirrorless shipments until the first quarter of 2012. ILC shipments for 2011 and before lumped both DSLRs & mirrorless together.

Likewise his title of the article " mirrorless shipments down year to year" is misleading there is no full year comparisons in the article!

Nitpicking on your part

Furthermore he suggests that the EM5, GX1 and X PRo 1have been poor sellers, when in all likelihood its been the Nikon1, EOS M and Pentax Q that have been the poor sellers.

EOS M is currently the best selling mirrorless camera in Japan (it must be the Canon name).

GX1 is a great camera but when you see it is currently selling for $275 at B&H it is hard to argue that it has been more successful than the other cameras you claimed were sales failures.

He also ignores Oly and Panny statements saying that future launches would be in April and September with shipping in May and October ie q2 and q4 with immediate effect.

Why aren't the DSLR figures published on his bythom site?

Ask Thom--he has always answered my emails.  Perhaps it is because DSLR sales weren't down nearly as much as mirrorless.

At the end of the day micro four thirds has the momentum and growing market share and is stealing sales that should of been canikon DSLR and they are doing the same in the video.

Wish you were right, but momentum stopped a year ago.

Eyes wide shut?

fyi: EM5 has been produced in batches of 8000 each six weeks.

Great camera that I love. However, I'm not convinced that Oly is making a profit on any of their other models.

living life to the Four Thirds!

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