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Re: Sony money maker

Timmbits wrote:

Tom2572 wrote:

A FF NEX does make more sense than a mirrorless SLR-sized camera, if only because people still don't expect NEXs to focus as fast as SLR/Ts. Sony won't release a full size mirrorless until on-sensor PDAF is as fast as separate-sensor PDAF, and we are still a few generations from that occurring.

I hate to be a party pooper Tom, but Samsung is offering very very very fast autofocus in the NX300 today, with on-sensor PDAF combined with contrast-detection.  If my memory serves me well, 105 phase-detect and 257 contrast detect points on the sensor.

Is the AF in the NX300 as fast as even the slowest DSLR in the market today???  Can it out focus an A77??????? Because that is what I was talking about.

No one is complaining that the NEX-6/5R aren't as good as advertized as far as AF abilities goes because anything is faster than plain-jane CDAF, but the minute you try taking on traditional PDAF systems with on-sensor PDAF you better have game.

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