New micro 4/3 lens or dslr

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howardfuhrman Veteran Member • Posts: 4,100
Re: New micro 4/3 lens or dslr


I suggest that you throw caution to the wind.  If you can afford it, sell your 4/3 camera and your lens and buy a Nikon D600 FF and some of their great lens. Go for the best IQ that you can afford.

On the other hand......

Since I do not know what subjects and under what conditions that you plan on photographing, I have no basis for any recommendation.  Will you be shooting portraits, landscapes, family shots, sports, street underwater, macro, night photography?  Will you be taking your camera and lenses on long hikes? Will you be shooting low light subjects at high ISO when no flash is permitted?  What is your budget?  Will you be using your camera professionally? All these things and others should be considered in determining what the equipment will meet your needs (as opposed to "wants")?  Others have offered excellent suggestions you should also consider.

Good luck with your decision.

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