Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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Re: I take it you are aware...

Great Bustard wrote:

Richard wrote:

How many people buy a 70-200 2.8? Many only purchase the kit lens. Both can take great photographs on vacation, of the kids just about anything accept pro level stuff.

...that there are smaller, lighter, and less expensive mFT bodies, yes?  I also take it you are aware that many of the mFT lenses are smaller and lighter than their APS-C counterparts, making the mFT system smaller and lighter, still.

That said, I think the greater the diversity, the better it is for everyone.

I agree with you. I actually want m4/3rds to succeed, competition drives the industry forward and makes it better for consumers, m4/3rds, APS-C, and FF.

And, hopefully, mirrorless FF!

I am more curious as to why in the US there is a decline and why not in other countries. there must be a reason. Hopefully it is not the mine is bigger than yours reason.

That, too, strikes me as curious, and I've no idea why.  For me, the idea of a camera as a "status symbol" is alien.  I've had lots of people comment on my camera and lenses, seemingly with a sense of "reverence", and it's always made me uncomfortable.  I dunno, I guess it makes me feel like a kamara-otaku.  Still, I suppose the same comments make others feel good.

For me when I do sports, I often have to break out the 400 2.8 IS  .. If I have to mingle with the crowd, I have some people say wow, that is a big lens, and it is almost a little embarrassing, I say stuff like, it is to compensate for lacking physical attributes to joke around. Some people (women will say) oh take a picture of me with that lens and I have to explain to them they have to be down on stadium floor for me to get the picture.

Sometimes I will get a photographer who will say, wow I wish I had that lens, I have a 70-200 2.8 and thought that was expensive. Then if I have time we have a good chat about stuff. I too even after going to many events feel a little embarrassed. Not around the other pro photographers, they have the same stuff but when I have to mingle with the people in the stands.

I'm of the opinion that mirrorless is the [near] future, and I'll be happy to join it.  However, being the shallow DOF whore that I am, I'm looking forward to mirrorless FF, although I'm not looking forward to how much that system will end up costing since I'll have to buy all new lenses (that won't be cheap) if I am to take advantage of the smaller size of the system (at least for the wider angle lenses).

I see FF and APS-C getting the same functions as mirrorless (except both PDAF and CDAF) in live view, The APS-C cameras are pretty small, FF would remain the same and I don't see pro cameras getting any smaller, they are huge and honking expensive, but the size never gets smaller, only semi pro DSLRs do not include ability to host extra batteries or side grip.

In the meantime, what I'm looking for, to complement my FF system, is the next version of the G1X (G2X?) with a sensor at least as efficient as modern sensors, and operation at least as good as the G15.

I look for smaller. I was looking at the Pan Lx7 because of the better high ISO performance and at a price of 300 buck around black friday. I find the DSLR (non pro) small enough but I would like a better pocket camera.

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