Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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I have been thinking it over. After seeing rattymouse post some figures how m4/3rds was declining in the US and how DSLRs crushed m4/3rds, I contemplated why. I came up with a good answer.

For a Canon t4i body price on B&H is $650
For the Oly OMD it is $950

Weight Canon 1.2 lbs
Oly just under 1lbs (15oz)

Standard lens Canon 50 1.4   $400 on sale right now $310  10 OZ

Zuiko 45 1.8  $400 on sale right now $350   4 OZ

A savings of $340 and 9 OZ more weight, neither fit in your pocket.

For the average use the Canon is the better deal. Sure a niche market person may pay extra for the oly but not the masses. This is not to say the masses are the smartest consumers but I know the canon works well enough for the average user.

I am thinking this is a good reason for the decline.

How many people buy a 70-200 2.8? Many only purchase the kit lens. Both can take great photographs on vacation, of the kids just about anything accept pro level stuff.

...that there are smaller, lighter, and less expensive mFT bodies, yes?  I also take it you are aware that many of the mFT lenses are smaller and lighter than their APS-C counterparts, making the mFT system smaller and lighter, still.

That said, I think the greater the diversity, the better it is for everyone.

I agree with you. I actually want m4/3rds to succeed, competition drives the industry forward and makes it better for consumers, m4/3rds, APS-C, and FF.

And, hopefully, mirrorless FF!

I am more curious as to why in the US there is a decline and why not in other countries. there must be a reason. Hopefully it is not the mine is bigger than yours reason.

That, too, strikes me as curious, and I've no idea why.  For me, the idea of a camera as a "status symbol" is alien.  I've had lots of people comment on my camera and lenses, seemingly with a sense of "reverence", and it's always made me uncomfortable.  I dunno, I guess it makes me feel like a kamara-otaku.  Still, I suppose the same comments make others feel good.

I'm of the opinion that mirrorless is the [near] future, and I'll be happy to join it.  However, being the shallow DOF whore that I am, I'm looking forward to mirrorless FF, although I'm not looking forward to how much that system will end up costing since I'll have to buy all new lenses (that won't be cheap) if I am to take advantage of the smaller size of the system (at least for the wider angle lenses).

In the meantime, what I'm looking for, to complement my FF system, is the next version of the G1X (G2X?) with a sensor at least as efficient as modern sensors, and operation at least as good as the G15.

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