Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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Bad marketing possibly

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I am more curious as to why in the US there is a decline and why not in other countries. there must be a reason. Hopefully it is not the mine is bigger than yours reason.

I think that one reason for DSLR's popularity compared to m4/3 is familiarity. Newbies know that Nikon and Canon make good cameras. They see pros and friends using them, and they are promoted on TV and in the media in general. But to many people Panasonic makes TV's and Olympus is where the Greek gods live. Familiarity is a very important factor in marketing.

Perhaps poor marketing for Oly. I thought I remember a commercial with Kevin Spacey, they shown several different versions of it.

I thought it was stupid because it is the same thing I see in many 4/3rds people here. The commercial is defensive, it tries to say look at me but at the same time put down DSLR, just like here.


First thing he does is put down DSLR owners.. "I don't want to be the camera guy" well guess what Kevin, you are the camera guy, you pull out lenses from your pocket and swtich them (but we know you really aren't a camera guy because you just put a bunch of pocket lint in your camera and the lens you just put on was from your back pocket after you sat down for your break)

Oly users are cool, DSLR camera guys are geeks. "I don't want to be that guy" but there you are changing lenses, just you don't have a selection of 16 lenses because back then there weren't 16 lenses you could buy.

"I want to be something different"  like owning an Oly will change your status, personality? Maybe people don't buy Oly because of this commercial.

Then the final blow to every human that has ever taken a camera on vacation with them. "Don't be a tourist" Like because you have a smaller camera but you still are standing there swapping lenses is going to make you look any less like a tourist.

This may be the decline or perhaps the end of 4/3rds, or maybe just Oly.

But good point, could be bad marketing, trying to appeal to the timid people that don't want to be the camera guy switching lenses and gets a point and shoot.

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