Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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You are being too reasonable.

JosephScha wrote:

the slightly defeatured cheaper version of the G2.  When I bought it, it was $399 with the kit lens from B&H. I couldn't resist. So there may be some validity to your first point, that OMD is priced high.

But isn't that a reasonable statement? You saved money and got a good camera and lens. It works great, you like it. I don't see you coming onto the forums telling us how much better this camera is that DSLRs. Even if it wasn't the price was justification enough.

 This performance does not compare to current (or even 3 year old) DSLR performance, but it is enough to enable me to shoot in situations where my FZ7 could not cut it

Hey if it works then great, take pictures. Everything you said is reasonable, You are not defensive unlike some here which I have commented on.

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