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Ysarex wrote:

Couple points of clarification:

OP said he has Samsung displays. That would make the display tech PVA as opposed to TN or IPS. Samsung PVA displays are a good choice for photo editing. Eizo Coloredge displays are re-manufactured on PVA panels.

My Samsung SyncMaster F2380 is a PVA panel and works well for photo editing.  I did a quick search but couldn't find out what the screen type is but based upon the viewing angles you are probably correct that his monitors are also PVA ones.  Since they are all the same he should be able to get the color calibrations very close to each other.  The Spyder4Elite software has a StudioMatch function that will help him do this.

Lightroom is OK, but the OP also noted he has Photo Ninja. I make my living teaching college students to use Lightroom. When I get home and do my own work I use Photo Ninja.

OP: you can use a colorimeter (spyder) to calibrate your displays but if you do plan to get that Pro 10 then you'll want to be able to build your own printer profiles. Do it right and color mange your entire workflow with the Colormunki Photo. It will calibrate and profile your displays and it will build printer profiles for your Pro 10 which is a superb printer.


You are right, if the OP buys this printer he should get the ColorMonki Photo.  It just makes more sense to buy a single color calibration device that can do both the monitor and the printer.  With the Spyder system you have to buy two devices, and when you do that manufacturing tolerances come into play.

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