Should I get the Oly 75mm?

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Re: Should I get the Oly 75mm?

Canon 85 1.2L on an E-Pl2 from todays walk as taken

Depends on what you mean by lovely. I am sure it can't compete with the 75/1.8 for resolution/microcontrast, especially not on an MFT sensor. My MD 85/2 has served me pretty well, and is generally thought of as a very good 85 for its time. Nevertheless, it doesn't come close to the 75, especially where I'd frequently want to shoot them (wide open and thereabout).

Canon FD 85 1.2L as taken on a E-PL2 from this morning

The 75 IS a wonderful lens, but I do not think the canon FD85 1.2L is a lesser lens, just different.....both are very good at or near wide open in my opinion.

Canon FD 85 1.2L on an E-PL2 from todays walk as taken

From sundays Chariot races as taken

Sundays Chariot races, as taken Canon 85 1.2L on a E-PL2

Same lens but on a Pentax Q and slightly edited I think.

I know a pawn shop that has a Minolta 85 1.7 seems to be in good condition (gotta have a closer look...not sure if MC or MD) but it is $40

It's always possible to get lucky of course. The cheapest MC 85/1.7 I can find on ebay right now is USD 300 and the cheapest MD 85/2 sells for 330. Seems like a good idea to scoop up that 85/1.7 from the pawn shop even if you don't need it. If it's in decent shape you'll make a more than decent profit.

I told them that it was worth a fair bit more.

I am not sure if many are SELLING at prices above $300 or so...I think they may sit there for a while...but when one is started at auction at a much lower price, the do seem to get into lower 3 figures.

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