TIFF problem with Canon scanner & Photoshop - Help please

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Re: TIFF problem with Canon scanner & Photoshop - Help please

Canaryfan wrote:

I don't quite understand your post, but I think what you are doing is this:

I was using the Canon Scan Gear software & found that it does not embed a profile. I use ProPhoto RGB in Photoshop & something was going wrong when opening in the ProPhoto colour space.

When I set the Canon driver to embed ProPhoto the TIFF image opened in PS displaying the correct colours.

Right, so the output is in ProPhotoRGB and has a an embedded ProPhotoRGB profile.

What I don't understand is that if I embedded SRGB & opened in PS, into ProPhoto colour space, the colours are very noticeably wrong.

Here your output is probably in sRBG or AdobeRGB, an you are embedding an incorrect profile, a ProPhotoRGB profile.

Yet is I scan in Vuescan, even embedding SRGB at the scanning stage, the colours are displayed correctly when opened in my ProPhoto space.

Here the output is in sRGB and the embeded profile is sRGB, and Photoshop is converting it to your chosen working space, ProPhotoRGB.

If you turn on profile checking, you will see what profile the image has been tagged with. It doesn't have to be embedded, just tagged correctly.

In Photoshop, from the Edit menu, select Color Settings
In the ColorSettings dialog, under the Color Management Policies section, check the following three boxes:

Profile Mismatches: ask when openning and ask when pasting
Missing Prifiles: ask when openning

Brian A

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