New (and better?) Bare Bulb Alternative to Q Flash and Elinchrom Ranger. What do you think?

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Re: New (and better?) Bare Bulb Alternative to Q Flash and Elinchrom Ranger. What do you think?

UKphotographers wrote:

John Deerfield wrote:

The Godox does have a remote control/triggering system? No, it isn't TTL but if you have to have TTL, then Quantum isn't your only choice. Personally, I would rather build a speedlight system for TTL, but that's me. I don't see any problem using flash modifiers developed for the QFLash? There is an entire industry of speedring adapters to accommodate various modifiers on various lights.

'Cheap' is the hook with the Godox. 'Better' is delusion. If - Manual only - rocks your boat and you can be certain that it will fulfil your every requirement in every situation, then you'll be fine. Lumedyne and Norman are Manual only and would be cheaper, but having had those systems and discovered their limitations I chose to use Quantum instead.

I am not sure any of us ever said "better". As a matter of fact, I said the Elinchrom system wins hands down in every category except price. And I think it's a good thing to have choices. If I were starting from scratch today, my TTL system would undoubtably be Nikon flash units. For starters, I love being able to use AA batteries to power my flashes. Yes, I use external power quite often, but in a pinch I don't need a $450 battery pack to power my light (not to mention that $450 SC pack from Quantum only uses 8 AA batteries). With everything self-contained, I can put my flash anywhere I want. And I do, often using a justin clamp. I didn't have that freedom with my QFlahes, the battery had to go somewhere! And before the Godox battery, powering a QFlash was nothing short of a joke (seriously... a $450 battery back that uses 8 AA batteries?). My 2nd flash system would be based on the power I need. At which point both shoe mount flashes and 400ws Rangers aren't enough!

Thread Title:  New (and better?) Bare Bulb Alternative to Q Flash and Elinchrom Ranger. What do you think?

Having used and still use Manual only lighting as well as Speedlights, I find Speedlights underpowered in most situations and find that advocates of Speedlights tend to need to mount multiples together to get a useful output. I find this pointless when theres far better solutions available with appropriate output already provided without the overhead of costs and unnecessary, time consuming, mounting of equipment together. Up to 400Ws in whatever mode works flawlessly with Quantum - one flash head instead of five speedlights (and 20 AA's) - beyond that you are looking at a completely different ballgame and not one which the Godox or Speedlights would ever be part of.

I don't know where to start. First, a Quantum Trio doesn't have any more power than a shoe mount flash. The next step up in the QFlash will something like the T5 which has the same power as the Godox CL-180, both of which being about twice as powerful as a shoe mount flash. To get into the 400ws QFlash requires yet another flash unit AND the battery to power it; roughly $1500 for the flash and battery. And no, a Gordox battery won't power it. Or, one could wait a few months and get the 300ws version of the Godox which does work with the $200 battery, both for $750... fully HALF the cost of the QFlash and unless you add some more $$ to the QFlash, you still don't have TTL. So $750 for 1/2 a stop of light? Seriously? Or drop down to the same power as the Godox and you get TTL for only $250 (give or take) more! As far as fitting a Qflash anywhere a shoe mount flash goes, you can't. It is simply the laws of physics: I don't have a battery pack with a speedlight. The pack has to go somewhere. I can think of two locations that I frequently shoot at that I don't have anyplace to suspend the battery pack.

You use Manual AND TTL. Everybody does.

I certainly wouldn't say that. I never use TTL in controlled situations. And I don't know of any studio photographer that uses TTL. But that's me.

So why not just buy a lighting system capable of providing both?

Because they rob you on price/value. But there is no doubt that that is my opinion, not a fact. But the fact is that the system is enormously more expensive than other choices.

Quadras and Rangers don't, neither do Godox. I would advocate that Speedlights are underpowered, one or two are useful but beyond that when you need greater output rather than spend on more multiple underpowered units - just buy something more appropriate with the same function instead.

And therein lies the rub: how much power do you need via TTL? And I am sure this varies between users. For me, I am NOT spending $1500 on a 400ws flash and battery (no TTL at that price) when I can get a Einstein AND battery for under $750, have more power and more flash modifiers.

Now that isn't advocating 'cheap' I know.. but having to buy AGAIN because your purchase was inappropriate is just costly. Elinchrom are fine, but faced with a choice of 'with TTL - Or without TTL for the same output' - I'd choose 'with'. I don't know what my next requirement will be for lighting, so having it is a far better insurance policy than not having it at all. My need is to provide images at the demand of whatever the client requires.. if that requires TTL, Auto or Manual (or whatever) then I'm equipped for it.

And that argument can even be used as a reason to purchase the Elinchrom system: I might already have the modifiers for that system, why spend more money on new modifiers for a new system? What are you going to do when you need more than 400ws of power? Oops, lets double the price for the QFlash or skip TTL. The minute you drop TTL from the QFlash list of advantages, it has ZERO advantages.

I use multiple Quantum's with Turbo's, SC's and QPAQ's - I've never had any issues with batteries or mounting them, or even hiding them on shoots and they're dirt cheap to use if you buy Turbo's with their $12 replacement batteries, or $100 Quantum replacements with 'free' swap out internal upgrades.

The last Turbo I sent to Quantum they charged me $175 to "repack" the battery. The last time I bought a battery for the Turbo at Batteries Plus was $36. This why I cracked open the SC to see if I could replace the battery myself.That is when I found out that it was powered by 8 AAs.

Upgrades - now theres an issue - what sort of upgrade policy is provided by Godox? Do they provide a free upgrade policy like the T5d-R R3 upgrade done recently by Quantum? Or radio upgrades? From what I see the recent Godox policy was - if the radio system doesn't work properly (Cells II) - 'Give it free to avert complaints.'

And how do you think Quantum affords these "free" upgrades? As outlined, you are already paying quite the premium when you buy into the system. Gee, a Turbo 3 for $500 or a Godox with at least as much power if not more for $200. Extra battery for the Godox $100. Extra battery via Quantum repack, at least $100 and without the unit for two weeks. If I were Quantum, I would try to keep users locked into my system as well.

So no. The Godox is not better, it's just cheaper, it provides less function and still needs an external battery to power it. For a (not so cheap) light on the end of a stick it ticks the box.

I never said better? But it's a far better value than the QFlash system.

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